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P2 Panasonic guidebook

How much record time can you get from a Panasonic P2 card?

P2 Card Run Times

Model #CapacityDVCProDVCProHD 720pN24DVCPro50 or DVCProHD 720p30DVCProHD at 1080i60 or 720p60
AJ-P2C004H4GB16 min.10 min.8 min.4 min.
AJ-P2C008H8GB32 min.20 min.16 min.8 min.
AJ-P2C016H16GB1 hr. 4 min.40 min.32 min.16 min.
AJ-P2C032H32GB2 hrs. 8 min.1 hr. 20 min.1 hr. 4 min.32 min.

2 GB P2 cards are not supported in DVCProHD applications. There is no release date yet announced for 64GB P2 cards. Panasonic recently published a slightly more complicated version of this table for 16 and 32 GB cards.

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